Do I really need a fixed asset management system?

Yes, definitely. A fixed asset management system can increase the accuracy of your company's audits by up to 100%. It provides an easy, reliable and long-term solution to the annual headache of excel spreadsheet audits. Ultimately, a fixed asset management system provides you with a full, accurate and real-time overview of your entire asset estate. It helps you to manage and streamline the complete asset lifecycle. It also helps you to save money, providing you with the information to create an accurate budget and forecast future spending.

What type of assets can I manage with your software?

All fixed assets. Our fully customisable fields allow you to systematically enter any information about an item into your inventory. Asset Register allows hard and soft assets to be logged in a fully comprehensive, simple and user friendly system.

Isn’t setting up a fixed asset register time consuming and resource intensive?

No, it doesn’t need to be. Spending days manually logging and tracing assets is a thing of the past. Asset Register software streamlines the entire process from start to finish. You can quickly and easily set up an asset register by uploading your existing spreadsheet of assets. Save time and eliminate painful software installation and updates with Asset Register. Instantly access a real-time view of your asset estate for a hassle free way of managing your portfolio.

There are asset management products which are free. Why should we pay for your software?

We have channelled years of industry experience into producing a highly specialised product packed full of functionality. Our visually engaging software offers features that are unavailable in free asset management products. Our solutions are intuitive and competitively priced. We re-invest resources into updating our software; we believe in providing excellent customer service and a life-long asset management solution. Asset Register software is the most practical and responsible way of managing your fixed assets.

How many assets can I register?

The number of assets you can register depends on which software you purchase. Our free trial account is fully functional with unlimited assets; however you will need to choose a suitable plan when your trial ends. The small plan allows up to 500 assets,  the medium up to 1,000 and the Large allows up to 2,000 assets to be registered. However, if you’d like to add more assets, additional space can be purchased and is competitively priced.

There is different asset management software out there, why should we choose yours?

Our simple solution addresses the problem of fixed asset management without over-complicating it. We have years of experience in providing advanced solutions to educational institutions. We have developed visually pleasing software with all the functionality you value that is free from complications you don’t. There is no need for on-site training and costly auditing professionals with Asset Register software. Our pricing structure is transparent and we keep your valuable information highly secure. Our software can also be integrated with advanced theft deterrent labelling systems. We provide a cost effective, market leading solution to asset management with functionality that you really value and need.

I feel nervous about storing our important information in the cloud. How secure is your system?

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified and operate to the highest measurable level of information security. We are a best practice company and our cloud-based software solutions are highly secure.

Which operating systems is your software compatible with?

Our cloud based software is compatible with any operating system that can launch an internet browser. For optimum performance, we would recommend any up to date version of Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

How does your software help with warranty claims?

Our software can be used to store warranty information, providing you with immediate access to essential data. Institutions are often asked to supply serial and model numbers when they initially register a claim. All of this information is stored in the cloud, simplifying the process of claiming when an item needs repairing or replacing.

How can I track the location of my assets?

Our system tracks the location of your assets in real time. When assets are added, Asset locations can be instantly updated when they are transferred to different locations. Assets can also be checked-out to individuals and there is a check in facility for when they are returned.

How do I get started?

Simply call us on 01689 860757 or email us at [email protected], and we'll set you up with an account.