Free Fixed Asset Register Software

8 August 2017

Free fixed asset register software is generally a urban myth. Organisations can use spreadsheets such as Microsoft's popular Excel or Apple's numbers to create a record of assets, but it's not specialist software solely designed for doing the required job. Given that excel is typically already owned by the organisation, the solution looks to be free on paper - but all is not as it would seem.

Once you start breaking down the fixed asset register project into its constituent parts, the time and money wasted by staff managing spreadsheets, can quickly exceed the cost of a stand alone system or the monthly or annual charge of a SaaS software as a service option. 

In addition, it can often be bad for staff moral. If you are the unlucky person tasked with collating details of assets and maintaining them on a number of spreadsheets, it can soon drive you mad and scratching your head. Versioning is almost impossible and the moment spreadsheets start being emailed around a business, mistakes and errors can be easily missed.

Many service providers such as offer 30 day FREE trials to prospective customers, so that they can see for themselves how easy it is to manage an asset register in the cloud. The risk of choosing the wrong software provider can be quickly eliminated.

Some of the benefits of a SaaS solution such as AssetRegister include:

  • Access Anywhere (e.g. at the office, at home, on annual leave)
  • Responsive Layout (e.g. the application can be used across devices and platforms)
  • Powerful Search
  • Custom Fields
  • In-depth Reporting
  • Import Data
  • Granular Permissions
  • Custom Locations

Call our sales team experts today on 01689 860757 to find out more or to take advantage of our FREE 30 day trial. Pricing starts from just £499+VAT per year.